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Posted by Wolftang - April 2nd, 2021

Hey folks, Hope you're all keeping well :)


First off, I just wanted to let folks be aware that 'COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED' currently and will be for some time!


I've actually had this up for months haha... its not the most obvious considering that a old commission sheet was up on this main page... So im making it known now incase there was confusion!


For a good while ive not uploaded... but this time longer than usual. Currently, im gradually going into the final stages of university and will be busy dedicating my time with that. So, thats my reason for calling in sick to work!

Now, for those who are curious on what im making or am getting up to! I will be directing and developing an animation with some very creative mad lads.....


As far as anything, im not making a big deal about this 'thing' or making major announcements. its just something id thought I would mention. Taking into consideration too that its in a very very early concept stage.... more reason that im not going out of my way to make this thing known. But i'll tell ya what! If you folks are on your best behavior and don't steal sweets from the fridge i'll speak more about it in the future... but only if you are good, ok?! Fuckin' keepin' my eye on all of ya!!


If anyone sends/ has sent me a message for a commission and does NOT receive any form of acknowledgment or reply... the information above details why! I promise im not purposely being rude or are dead in a ditch, I just have other thing currently occupying my attention.

For those who have sent me a request I would like to say that I really appreciate the request! and apologies for any let downs or disappointment. At some point in the far future I'll probably open up my commissions..... and upload more art!

If anyone wants to know were you'll most likely see activity of me... you'll find me in the local social media cesspool that is 'Twitter' Wolftangart Twitter link for convince . Nothing major goes on there, just every blue moon I post a dumb meme video.

Other than that, keep playing the guitar and see ya when I see ya 😎

-Captain lightning pee pee 'Wolftang'


Posted by Wolftang - July 11th, 2019

So... little bit over my 'two weeks deadline' that I set myself for. What happened? Well I woke up one day and got told that im going to have to move to another fucking house baby! One of the most sudden moments in my life haha. still working around it too!

So thats why I delayed a bit. Apologies for anyone getting bored waiting for news or worried if I was telling little fibs about doing commission work. I was being very serious though.... so here it finally is!!!! Im doing commissions.

Please if interested have a good look at all the information. Thank you!






Every detail in the 'detailed commission sheet' is important Information! Just because some areas aren't highlighted in a loud or colorful way does not make it an important piece of info! Be sure to read it roughly.

I highly recommend you read the 'detailed commission sheet'.

Remember you're not only paying for art commissions but also my time to make them. Everything is priced the way it is for a reason!

Here are links to commission contact options


Tumblr: https://wolftangartcommissions.tumblr.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wolftangart



Posted by Wolftang - June 16th, 2019

There is going to be a little update in a week or two regarding commissions... For those that might possibly be interested?

But... in the mean time...



Posted by Wolftang - April 20th, 2019

For the sexy milfs that get the impression that 'Wolftang does art work for free'...

Really don't know where your getting this juicy information from but.... no.. I don't do requests or anything that suggests that I do art for free... NOT GONNA HAPPEN BABY!


Posted by Wolftang - December 4th, 2018

Ive actually been here since 2012 under the name Grillhou5e! (mabey ya heard of me? no?...oh,ok then.. ill just uhhh...carry on) Though im part of the Tumblr NSFW refugees haha.

Naughty naughty! 

Anyways lets crack on folks!


Ya boi